SCALE Key Signing Party

In the order below we will read out the key info that we brought.

  1. Name/Owner/UID "Your name"
  2. Key ID
  3. Key Size
  4. Key Type
  5. Key Fingerprint


It is entirely possible that your email to the person running the Key Signing Party was intercepted or that the person running the KSP has replaced your key with another. You do not know him, you have no reason to trust him. Do NOT read from this sheet.

                1. UID -------------------+
           +--- 2. Key ID                 |
           |                              |
     +-----+--- 3. Size                   |
     |     |                              |
     |   +-+--- 4. Type (D=DSA, R=RSA)    |
     |   | |                              |
     |   | |                   +----------+
     |   | |                   |
     V   V V                   V
pub  1024D/B4154E57 1999-03-23 Bob Jones <>
     Key fingerprint = 280F 6038 2FB0 D8A2 4DE3  2C0E 7085 7B50 55B1 E484 <--+
sub  1024g/27BE2E11 1999-03-23 [expires: 1907-05-02]                         |
                 5. Fingerprint ---------------------------------------------+

Key IDKey OwnerKey FingerprintKey SizeKey TypeKey Info Matches?Owner ID Matches?
AE127015Todd A. Lyons (Cannonball) <>2E4A 1440 2BE2 93E8 AF0D 2C94 2014 F5DB AE12 7015 1024DSA  
9C8720EEErik Hovland <>6C7D 5AEE 603C FDC8 25D8 3B6E D4AF CCBD 9C87 20EE 1024DSA  
10603A2EWesley Wang <>1522 3F88 AC38 2D5F DB7C DE83 454E F02B 1060 3A2E 1024DSA  
96E6F473Garrick Staples <>B2E5 C1B4 66A7 0707 9A33 BCD6 D120 54C4 96E6 F473 1024DSA  
FEA48B61Garrick Staples <>1E4D EB80 8687 E9EE EB71 150F FCAB B3F6 FEA4 8B61 1024DSA  
36A876B9Ron Golan <>F53D 7353 9809 3A9C 2D10 0A2D 1BA6 3C85 36A8 76B9 1024DSA  
A1E732BBPhil Dibowitz <>59F6 EF51 D60E 6B62 E5FB 9963 3795 E8C5 A1E7 32BB 1024DSA  
8CAFF3DFPhil Dibowitz <>CB1C 5575 83F3 13BA E974 5BD1 EE59 19D4 8CAF F3DF 1024DSA  
C730C0E4Harry Tanama (nick name pr0gm3r) <>5898 E35A 9B86 0D4E C8F8 5DAC 98A2 318A C730 C0E4 1024DSA  
B1C7B8A9brewthatistrue <>F52B D6EC CF32 238A 1474 CD82 FC60 3D31 B1C7 B8A9 1024DSA